TERRA is grounded in its commitment to caring for the mind, body and spirit based around a strong connection to nature. The spa experience includes massages, scrubs, face and nail treatments along with holistic modalities like Acupuncture and Reiki healing and Intuitive Guidance.

At TERRA we make it a priority to source locally. It is our way of maintaining a small carbon footprint and supporting our local community by sourcing artisenally hand blended products. We honour the healing power of touch as can be experienced from our team of gifted therapists.

Spa in Seminyak
Bali Spa
Spa in Seminyak
Spa in Seminyak



60 mins / 90 mins

• IDR 400,000 / IDR 600,000


  • A traditional favourite utilising skin rolling, and repeated kneading strokes to stimulate circulation and relaxation.

    Deep Tissue

  • A deep pressure that addresses areas of the body with most deeply held tension and limited Mobility.


  • Commencing with dry body brushing on the back to clear stagnant energy and stimulate your body’s own healing processes. This massage is deeply therapeutic.


  • Combining dynamic yoga-like stretches, gentle rocking, rhythmic compression. Thai massage is oilless, takes place on a futon mattress on the floor. Loose-fitting clothes on.

    Foot Reflexology & Meridian Massage

  • A healing treatment through accupressure on the feet, upper leg and calf muscles.

Face Care

  • Signature Facial

    • 60mins IDR 400,000

    Our signature facial utilizes products from Sensatia Botanicals to address all skin types. The heart and soul of our signature facial is the tension-relieving & rejuvenating tendon facial massage which results in smoother contours of the face, thus revealing a healthy glow!

  • Men’s Facial

    • 60mins IDR 400,000

    Designed specifically for men, this deep cleansing and soothing facial refines the pores and calms sensitive skin that may be caused by shaving.

  • Eye fatigue relief

    • 30mins IDR 180,000

    Eyes are the most expressive part of our face. This treatment focusing on eye areas to combat tiredness caused by poor blood circulation and excessive exposure to digital screens.

Body Care

90 mins

• IDR 700,000

    Traditional Lulur Scrub

    “Lulur” is Javanese for “coating the skin.” It is an ancient beauty ritual utilising a rice powder based scrub that is hand blended with ginger, pale turmeric, cinnamon and yoghurt to further enhance the renewal of dead skincells. This treatment concludes with a fragrant floral bath and application of body lotion.


  • Sea Salt & Oil – mildly abrasive and very effective for removal of dead skin cells.
  • Coconut – deeply moisturizing and nourishing.
  • Coffee – improves circulation and texture of skin.

    Nail Care

    45 mins

    • IDR 280,000
    • Essential Manicure
    • Essential Pedicure
    • Gel Colour removal IDR 150,000


    90 mins / 120 mins

    • IDR 650,000 / IDR 800,000

    Our mind expresses itself though our body. If you give yourself time away to quiet the mind, your body and soul will respond in ways immeasurable. Ease in to Terra’s tranquil spaces. Allow your favourite therapist to take you on a journey of un-winding and re-balancing.


    Balinese massage + facial + foot meridian massage.


    Deep tissue massage + body scrub.


    Signature massage + hot stones.

    Eternity Package

    • 90mins IDR 2,000,000

    Especially designed for couples in the comfort of our deluxe couple’s treatment suite, combining a massage, scrub and herbal flower bath.

The above rates include 21% government tax and service charge. Reservation in advance is needed.

Terra Spa open hours from 9AM-9PM

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